Attention! To connect to our server, do not forget to run the updater from the client folder of the game, without launching which you can not connect to our server! One prescription of our realm-list will not be enough!


Donat is voluntary donations aimed at covering expenses (renting servers, anti-cheating, antidotes, advertising and so on). Donut under no circumstances is returned to the player. In return for the donated contribution, the player receives bonuses in the game, which can be spent in the gaming shop on the site in his personal account. Course 1 ruble => 1 bonus coin

After clicking the "Buy" button in front of the desired item, the item is sent to the mail in the game 5 minutes after entering the game. If within 1 hour the item does not come, then you need to write to support at the mail:

Для внесения пожертвования необходимо войти в личный кабинет.

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