Attention! To connect to our server, do not forget to run the updater from the client folder of the game, without launching which you can not connect to our server! One prescription of our realm-list will not be enough!

Download client files / start playing

To start playing on our server, you need to register an account (you do not need to confirm your account now)

The game is logged in using the WOW version 1.12.1 client with minor changes.

For the correct operation of the game client, we recommend downloading our version of the client.

Before starting the client, we recommend that you make a folder with the game in the antivirus exceptions.

Run the game through the update: WoW_Updater.exe, then the Start button.

You can download the client by direct link:

Customer (Direct link):

Or with the help of the torrent:

Torrent (Direct link):

Download the patch separately:

Download the update separately:

In case of problems with the launch of the client and the entrance to the game, please contact the BK group's messages or mail:


In the event of a run-type error, "Can not connect to server (1)",
Try to make the following fix:

1. Move the folder with the game to the root of the disc E or D (depending on your name), if there are no additional discs, then drive C
2. Right-click on the "Properties", uncheck "Read Only" (remove from the entire folder with the game, not the update)
3. Start the Blue Updater from the Administrator, then the Start button

If these measures did not help, then check the antivirus, try to make a folder with the game in the antivirus exceptions, then restart the computer and run the blue update and start.
If this also does not help, then remove all antivirus software from the computer (even turned off), restart the computer and start the blue update and Start.

If the specified by us Hyde did not help you, then write in the VC group VC for individual assistance.

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