Attention! To connect to our server, do not forget to run the updater from the client folder of the game, without launching which you can not connect to our server! One prescription of our realm-list will not be enough!

Vote for server

Dear players!

You can vote for our server on the following sites and rankings:

1. mmotop:

Рейтинг серверов mmotop

2. mmovote:

Голосовать за WOW-Atlantida [1.12.1]: классический сервер WOW

3. top100arena

WoW private server


wow private servers

5. gtop100

Wow Private Server

In the quality of the award for voting for our server on the basis of the results of each month, the most active 10 players of the server receive a small bonus, the first bonuses will be issued from July 1 to July 5 for the month of July. In the vote count, only votes from the MMOTOP participate at the moment, voting at the remaining venues is at the discretion of the players.

Рейтинг серверов mmotop